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Tuesday Market Keeps Trucking

Posted 6/10/2012 8:14pm by Tuesday Market.

 Tuesday Market Banner

Hey Tuesday Market Friends --

Eating Strawberry Dessert

Thank you to all of you that contributed to our strawberry dessert party last week by making, serving, organizing, or eating -- we raised $350 for our FoodStampsX2 Program, and I, for one, had a delicious slice of strawberry apple torte with whipped cream. A little later in the season we will be working to raise more of the funds that we need to support this wonderful program and, in turn, will be telling you more about it. Every week we are thanked multiple times by the families, elders, and others who receive SNAP benefits so here's some of that thanks back at you.

In case you haven't found your way to Bug Hill Farm this season, I encourage you to go over and taste their amazing spreads -- black currant, rhubarb, beet -- and their cordials. Unless you make your own concotions, I can't imagine a better gift for yourself, a friend or someone you're staying with. They also have currant plants for sale right now.

Bug Hill Spreads


Here are some of the things I'm excited to see and find at market this week. (For a complete list of all the vendors at market this week with links to their websites go here.)

Butter from Cricket Creek Farm.

Cricket Creek Butter

Lobster and Scallops and other ocean treats maybe from BerkShore (Last week there was a limited amount of cod.) Wes updates his Facebook page regularly with what will be available at market and reminders about pre-ordering.

In the same vein, Bistro Les Gras' lobster rolls that you've been waiting months for will be back this week right next door to Cakery Dauphine's strawberry and marscapone cupcakes (oh my!).

The strawberries keep coming (and the garlic scapes have arrived).

I can't wait to see what the next round of flowers from Old Friends Farm will bring our way. Last week's cathedral bells (I think that's what they're called) are still livening up our house. I believe that flowers do really lift us up when they come in and live on our kitchen tables or in our bedrooms for a week or two. And in my opinion, Old Friends' flowers are the best around.

Cathedral Bells

Recipes this week are scallion pancakes and a Caesar salad. These recipes will only be on our website and not on cards at the market this week.

A rocking band (not too loud, don't worry) most recently out of Taos, New Mexico called Tina and her Pony will be hitting the market this week as part of their east coast tour playing their "bad-ass lady-grass." Our friends at Next Barn Over Farm met them last winter and sent them our way, so come enjoy them with us.

Dragonfly Designs will be selling beaded insects, cuddle puppies, market bags and other awesome and ecletic crafts.

And that's all. See you there, rain or shine 1:30-6:30 Every Tuesday. 

Crimson and Clover with Strawberries and Garlic Scapes

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