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Tuesday Market Heads Into Summer

Posted 6/18/2012 10:36am by Tuesday Market.

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Hi Tuesday Market Friends --

We are happy that this Tuesday will be cooler than Wednesday and Thursday, so come get your goodies before you hole up in AC or under a good shade tree for a chunk of the week. 

This week we welcome back Beaumont's Berries -- the scrumptious jam business run by Devon Whitney-Deals. Devon wears many hats in this Valley including market manager of the Greenfield Farmers Market and Program Director of the Local Hero Program at CISA. So go chat her up and taste her honey-sweetened freshly made strawberry jam, plus strawberry-rhubarb and rhubarb jams with more sugar to temper that sour rhubarb. Devon grows her own fruit or sources it locally. Not all of us can make and preserve our own jam, but there's nothing like it on morning toast or an afternoon rice cake. Devon will be at market for the rest of the season. Go here to see all the other vendors at market this week. 

rosemaryMan, there are beautiful plants at market these days. You may think you've missed the window to put plants in your garden, but you haven't. You might get your fruits or leaves or whatever a little later, but all your friends will be jealous because theirs will have already gone by. All of us production-oriented farmers are still hustling to get plants in the ground, too. Most of the plants at market will start to taper off once July arrives so seize the moment!

I found a sign last week in one of El Jardin's bread basket's talking about their local wheat loaf. There's a small renaissance of farmers growing grain in our valley, including our very own Crabapple Farm.  

Another piece of good news: BerkShore will be at market every week from here on out -- so no need to try and remember which week of the month it is. 

local wheat

Recipes this week are our version of the infamous Massaged Kale Salad and a Fennel, Chard and Cheese Pie made with filo dough. Our apologies to anyone who made the Scallion Pancakes last week and wondered why they were the wrong texture -- there's an updated version of the recipe now. And here's a recipe from Animal, Vegetable, Miracle for Eggs in a Nest that one of the Town Farm crew regularly makes for his breakfast. 

To follow on the heels of that awesome music last week, we have Dave Dersham this week. As Club Passim in Cambridge says, “Dersham taps hopeful, bluesy melodies and reverses lyrical expectations at every turn... exudes a brand of humane charm that sets him apart from every other songwriter you’ll see this year.” There will be a brief intermission of Dersham's tunes for the wee Hootenanny Singers to bust out their songs for less than a half hour starting at 4 pm. What's better than small children singing? 

Free Ramblin', the artisan of the week, will be bringing their upcycled from sweaters kids' booties, tooth ferry pillows, and other very cool crafts.

See you there!


Nasturtiums from Bear Root Herb Farm


waiting for shaved ice

This Family is Waiting for Shaved Ice

got their shaved ice

This Family Got Their Shaved Ice


Cucumber Starts from Enterprise Farm

guy w/ flowers

Nice Smile, Nice Flowers from Old Friends Farm

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Prepared Food from  Beets and Barley

Delicious pizza from Laughing Tomato Wood Fired Pizza Oven

This spring's Maple Syrup from Justamere Tree Farm

Shaved Ice from Town Farm

Home-made Jam from Beaumont's Berries

Bouquets Wild Rose Farm

Artisinal Cow Cheese from Cricket Creek Farm & Grace Hill Farm

Pasture-Raised Meat from Crabapple Farm & Cricket Creek Farm

Honey from Red Barn Honey

Tempeh & Kim-chi from Hosta Hill

Wild Mushrooms from New England Wild Edibles

Organic Ginger & Flowers from Old Friends Farm

Pastured Lamb from Leyden Glen Farm

Pastries and Breads from Tart Baking Co.

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