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Tuesday Market Thinks You Have Nice Friends

Posted 6/25/2012 2:43pm by Tuesday Market.

Hey Tuesday Market Friends --

Do you have a friend who you think needs a little inspiration? A little flowersrelaxation? A little, um, beta-carotene? For the next six weeks, if you bring someone to Tuesday Market that's never been here before, you will receive a $5 gift certificate to use at any vendor at the market! And yes, you can share that coupon with the friend you've brought, or even give it to them if you're feeling warm and fuzzy. Just come to the market tent and introduce us to your friend to receive the coupon. How do we know that your friend has truly never been to the market before? Oh, we know.

The heat wave of last week and the warmer temperatures all spring have hurried along some of this season's crops so much that this week, even to their disbelief, Apex Orchards will be bringing the season's first APRICOTS! They probably won't last the length of the market, so come early if you can.

Park Hill Orchard will also arrive at market for the first time this season, loaded raspberrieswith BERRIES -- raspberries, black raspberries, blueberries and a berry medley that's great for eating while you hang out at market. Here's the list of all the great vendors at market this week along with any special dishes they're bringing.

It's time to make raspberry fool (we don't add the liqueur, but you can) or a yummy sangria with Black Birch Vineyard's Epic White or Mt Nonotuck Red or any of those fruit recipes in your cookbook that usually seem out of season. That said, in our family, we usually just end up with fruit on or in our pancakes, in our cereal, or just eaten up while we sit by a good swimming hole.

The Tuesday Market recipes of the week are the June Pizza (fennel, garlic scapes, Sangha Farm Cheese, and bacon if you eat it) and a Simple Grated Roots Salad to eat with rice on a hot night. Garlic scapes and fennel are fleeting early summer specialties, so make sure to seize the moment.


School's out and babies and kids abound at market. I know for a fact that there was at least one 4 day old baby there last week. We have great weekly art projects between 2:30 and 5 pm, and room for running around and being an airplane if you need to get out of your house. Or come see the kids run around if that makes you smile. We're there even when it's rainy.

Stay tuned for the upcoming recipe swap...

Jazer Giles plays banjo this week with a take 2 from the Hootenanny Singers (their director had laryngitis last week). Spark! Art Share, an innovative community supported membership model for artists, will be selling their goods and telling you about how they do things.

And finally, Mizzanye Anderson is one of our all-time heroes. If we're still kicking (and cultivating) in the 2050s the way she is now, we will consider ourselves incredibly blessed. Check out her callaloo, her scapes, her gooseberries, and – of course – her umpteen varieties of specialty garlic!


See you soon!

first squash

Prize for first squash of the season goes to Crabapple Farm (and of course to all the people who got to eat the squash).

Greg Watson

Check it out – Massachusetts Agricultural Commissioner Greg Watson makes a stop at Tuesday Market (along with Phil Korman from CISA).

maple cream

Marian Welch's Maple Cream is as good as it gets. Find it at Justamere Tree Farm.

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