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This Week's Newsletter

Posted 11/10/2014 2:54pm by Tuesday Market.
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Hey Market Friends --
Last Tuesday Market of the season! Come gather goods for your Thanksgiving table and your holidays. Come wish us all restful winters of planning for next year. Come use up your Tuesday Market tokens before you lose them in your piles of things. Come get some bulk bags of carrots, onions, potatoes, ginger, apples, etc... to store up. Or a gallon of maple syrup or a couple pounds of honey or meat for your freezer or beans for your pantry.
wild mass cranberries
Gluten Free Bakery will be      back for one last time with their biscotti and tea cakes and bread. Bug Hill will be back one last time with gift boxes and wild Massachusetts cranberries (yum!). Mycoterra will be there with their beautiful mushrooms.
Thanks for coming to market all season long. We'll be back in late April ready to feed you.
And although they aren't on Tuesdays, our TWO (we are so lucky!) great weekly winter farmers markets will start up soon.
Here are the details.


Northampton Winter Farmers' Market

Every Saturday 9am - 2pm

November 15th through April 18th

Smith Vocational and Agricultural High School

30+ vendors most weeks

Accepts SNAP



Amherst Winter Farmers' Market

December 6th through March 28th (except 1/17)

10am - 2pm

Amherst Middle School, 170 Chestnut Street

Featuring 35 vendors every market

Accepts SNAP



Finally, there were a great many new things at market this season that made us excited.
 red fire farm
Red Fire Farm joined the market.
gluten free bakeryTwo new bakeries, Tart and Gluten Free Bakery, brought popular, delicious baked goods of all kinds.
beets and barleyBeets and Barley brought yummy noodles and salads and cookies.
nuestras farmers
Rentas Family Farmers from Nuestras Raices Farm in Holyoke joined the market.
We made a stage that also happens to transport all market supplies.
bag share sewers
With the help of many, we started a bagshare program.
What will happen next?
See you tomorrow for the warmest day of the week.
Posted 11/3/2014 12:00pm by Tuesday Market.
owl bannerHey Market Friends --
bear root garlic braidsTuesday Market is still going strong for THIS WEEK AND NEXT WEEK! The range of products you can find is as amazing as ever. These are beautiful garlic braids from Bear Root Herb Farm. Tell friends and others to come soak up the market before we all go inside to winter markets and winter farm planning. 
Come get wine or hard cider for your Thanksgiving meal -- last week one woman walked away with her 6 bottles of Black Birch wine for the big meal.
In other news, daylight savings has happened, but your trusted vendors bring lights and sparkle up the whole scene, and there's always The Laughing Tomato's roaring fire.
laughing tomato fire
old friends turmericOld Friends Farm Turmeric and Turmeric Leaves (Good for soups, rice, grated over salads, and more)
the stories of crabapple's wheat flour
I told you Crabapple's flour had names and stories -- these are heirloom wheat varieties from France and Eastern Europe
hot cider and lights!
Hot Cider and Lights at Park Hill Orchards
Tuesday Market (tuesdaymarket) has joined Instagram and Twitter in case you do those things and want to follow us there.
And for those of you DIYers, the next Valley Food Swap is this coming Saturday November 8th at the Lilly Library in Florence. Former Tuesday Market intern Corrin Meise-Munns and CISA's Claire Morenon are the organizers this time round.
See you at market!
Posted 10/26/2014 6:50pm by Tuesday Market.
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Hey Market Friends --blueberry pie
My love of food and cooking largely comes from my mother and from her mother. My almost 95 year old grandmother loves watching The Barefoot Contessa on TV and, although she doesn't cook as much as she used to, she now inspires her caregivers to bake for the first time ever and make Tate's Chocolate Chip and Toffee cookies from a TV recipe and then distribute their cookies far and wide. These cool, fall days inspire me to bake again, too. For Ben's birthday this weekend, I made a blueberry pie from frozen Benson Place blueberries and Justamere Tree Farm maple sugar. And today, for a potluck, I made baked apples from some Apex Macintoshes with more maple sugar and Cricket Creek butter. In case you haven't found it yet, Crabapple Farm has their own wheat flour freshly ground at their stand. Ask them about the varieties they grow because they all have a story.
baked apples
This week Carr's Ciderhouse will be at market -- sorry for anyone who got confused by my photos of their beautiful new labels last week. And rumor has it, Rodrigo y Gabriela will be making an appearance at market to play us some of their amazing flamenco rumba music before their performance at the Calvin on Tuesday. Firecrow Handwovens will also be back with their beautiful scarves and other textiles.
beautiful crimson and clover fennelBeautiful Fennel from Crimson and Clover
Tuesday Market's Own Prince Charming -- the shoe was recovered
Tuesday Market's Own Prince Charming -- the shoe was recovered by her owner!
Town Farm's fall produce
Fall Foods at Town Farm
See you at market!
Posted 10/20/2014 7:50pm by Tuesday Market.
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Hi Market Friends --
I was away last week and missed seeing all of you. I heard the music was great and the weather warmtown farm brussels sprouts and everything went smoothly. I was visiting friends in California, getting inspired by madrone trees and Mohawk skunk beans and rusty brown colored cotton and recycled fences built by immigrant farmers from Vietnam in a city park and trees loaded with persimmons and one of the first rains after months and months. I came home grateful for our plentiful rains (except when they're too plentiful) and the true beauty of the vendor stands at Tuesday Market. We are so lucky to have such good farmers and gatherers and producers right here in our valley. Not only do they grow and make delicious food but they display it in beautiful ways -- no plastic green turf grass thrown over tables.
Despite frosts and darkness and colder temperatures, Tuesday Market is still here for another 4 weeks. November 11th is the last market followed soon after by the first Northampton Winter Market at Smith Voke High School on Saturday, November 15th. Andrew at the Red Fire Farm stand manages that market so if you've got questions head over there to ask him.
This week is also Taproot Threads last market for the season.
See you there!
apples!Apex Orchards Apples
carr's ciderhouse syrup and vinegar
mia's peppersDear Eddy Farm Pepper Creations
Posted 10/12/2014 10:59pm by Tuesday Market.
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Hey Market Friends --brussels sprouts
It's mid-October, and last week brussels sprouts arrived at market. Post-frost is the best time to start eating these mini cabbage wonders. This week, if there's a chill in the air, there will be hot cider at Park Hill Orchards and warm prepared foods at Beets and Barley along with the always-warm pizza from Laughing Tomato. If it actually is in the lower 70's, the warm weather food and drinks will keep coming. Will, Eli and Becca -- a talented crew of busking Hampshire College students will be playing tunes.
As the end of market season nears, I want to remind you to bring back your pile of Tuesday Market bagshare bags so we can continue the awesome program next year. No excuses, okay? Because last week we received a package with a bagshare bag in it all the way from Cincinnati, OH that some conscientious customers sent back to us.
bagshare return from OH
I love this rainbow chard woman whose clothes match the stems
rainbow chard womanThinking about planting some garlic this fall? Bear Root Herb Farm has seed quality garlic for you. Music is a great variety.
seed garlic from bear rootAnd finally, thanks to everyone who listened to our short but memorable vendor open mike last Tuesday. It lasted about 15-20 minutes. We hope to do it again but open it up to more people. Here I am below crooning some good farm and earth folk songs.
oona on the stageThe talented Bernie Conner (son of Dick at Red Barn Honey) playing a fiddle tune
bernie conner on fiddlePhillip from Old Friends Farm on the guitar with his daughter Mabel watching
mabel and phillip on guitarSee you at market!
Posted 10/6/2014 8:08am by Tuesday Market.
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Hey Market Friends --
The last market of the season is November 11th, in case you were wondering! And pre-frost October is such an awesome time for fresh food around here (although some farms might have gotten the zap last night). Hakurei turnips are back and watermelon radishes have arrived. Ginger and winter squashes of all varieties are abundant. There are still green beans and tomatoes! The colors pop against the sky and the dim light especially on grey days. The food inspires you to go home and cook and warm your house up with roasted everything.
In last week's news, Tuesday Market has become a default location for visiting political candidates and people who hold political signs. Steve Kerrigan, the Democratic candidate for Lieutenant Governor, came and hung out at market on Tuesday along with the Mayor and some other city councilors (all in suits). I think that Silas (aka the pumpkin pusher) might have been the only farmer/vendor whose hand got a shake. Correct me if I'm wrong about that!
the pumpkin pusher shaking steve kerrigan's handI love this young shopper with flowers almost as tall as she and gold sandals to boot!
girl with flowers
The musical treat this week will be a few market vendors with musical talents playing some songs -- it won't last the whole market so hopefully you'll catch it.
See you at market!
Posted 9/29/2014 9:22am by Tuesday Market.
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Hey Market Friends --old friends farm sweet potatoes
One of the best parts of my job is that I get to wander the market and talk to you and talk to vendors and see what's new and yummy every week.
Sweet Potatoes! from Old Friends Farm! I've eaten them and can attest to their sweetness.
Crabapple Farm's tomatoes that they have bred and saved seed from for years. Orange Zebra and a version of Black Pineapple and their cherry tomatoes (Honeydrop and a red one) that they sell seed from to Fedco Seeds. That's one of the things that's so magical about their farm.
crabapple tomatoes 
I also learned last week that Chanterelle To Go has catered 16 weddings this summer and fall along with many other events. So if you're looking for caterer who grows and knows the local food scene, give them a shout. And Max breakdances, too. This week Beets and Barley will be at Market with their vegetarian and gluten-free yummies (they are great local foods caterers, too).
So I'm starting to want to sing for some rain because it's getting a little dry in our parts, but I'm not complaining about another sunny day in the 70's for market. So come on by -- there will be women playing HARPS this week -- the real thing, not harmonicas.
This is the last week of the year for Dancing Bare Soap -- I know that I'm going to stockpile some of their shampoo bars. And if I'm smart, which I'm not every year, I also start to plan out presents for gift giving season right now. The market is an awesome place to gather edible, compostable, local, reusable gifts.
paolo freire students
Last week students and teachers from Paolo Freire Social Justice Charter School came by the market to ask questions about our EBT machine and why we sell at a farmers market. Then they all got shaved ice. And then they were in the paper the next day.
See you at market!
Posted 9/22/2014 4:24pm by Tuesday Market.
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Hey Market Friends --
This is a quick and easy newsletter. It's going to be a BEAUTIFUL day tomorrow so don't miss the market because you're off climbing a mountain or walking by a river or picking apples or something. The food is too good to be missed.
Thanks to all you market goers who journeyed to NYC for the Peoples Climate March on Sunday. There were 310,000 people in the streets (some say 400,000 strong)! Here's where Ben and Silas were for most of the march -- holding a parachute that said We Can Build The Future.

In other pictures, in case you missed, it was so nice to sneak a peak at new baby Old Friends Farm last week.

And the calf from one of Our Family Farms. Did you taste that awesome maple milk made with real maple syrup?

See you at market!


Posted 9/14/2014 4:07pm by Tuesday Market.
owl bannerchicken of the woods
Hey Market Friends --
Fall has arrived bringing with it broccoli and cauliflower and winter squashes and honeycrisp apples and ginger and pears and amazing chicken of the woods mushrooms. It's time to make soup and tea and roast a chicken and then make more soup and broth and applesauce. Don't worry, you can still get shaved ice and ice pops and cider slushies and lots of greens for salads and tomatoes and talk about how the equinox isn't here yet so it's not really fall. You can do that, too. 
I made Ben take a couple photos of this amazing chicken of the woods mushroom that Paul brought to market last week for all of you out there that missed it or saw it once it already had pieces missing. No guarantee that there will be another one like it this week.
more chicken of the woodsPaul hanging out with the amazing woods mushroom flower
old friends farm gingerDid any of you make it to the Farm Fancy Ginger Inspired dinner at Old Friends Farm? Yum.
park hill pearsLove the Park Hill Orchard crisp pears
Many thanks to Erin McKeown and Mary Witt for the great music last week

And in case you missed it in the Daily Hampshire Gazette or circulating on Facebook, here are Ben's thoughts about climate change and farming and raising kids in this time and the People's Climate March this coming Sunday September 21st (the equinox) in NYC. He and Silas hope to see you there!

See you at market!
Posted 9/8/2014 9:46am by Tuesday Market.
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Hey Market Friends --
 eating corn at Jean Tallon
A few weeks ago our family journeyed north to Montreal. Our children were thrilled to drive to Canada and, although it was hard to connect with French-speaking children on the playgrounds, Silas would now like to learn French so he can go back and understand.
On the food front, Ben and I were struck by the quality of herbs and fruits and vegetables even in pretty generic grocery stores. There were also so many different percentages of cream for different uses, garlic scape pestos in the refrigerated sections, and other fats and meats and cheeses you would never find on supermarket shelves down here. One breakfast we ate out arrived with a mini-glass of smooth-y and a beautiful sprig of rosemary laid across the scrambled eggs.
cherry tomatoes 
Our most fun food journey was to the Jean Tallon Market right in the city. There are incredible bike paths on many of the city streets (better than any other city we've ever been to) so we all headed out on our bikes to find this large public market that's open every day. Overall, the kind of producer-only farmers markets that are the norm here were absent from the city, but this large public market was amazing and overwhelming. I think we walked by every stand, but I'm not sure. Many of the vendors aggregate produce from local farms and from all over the world. We bought some mini-red grapes from vendor who proudly said they were from the USA. Lucky for us, it was still strawberry season in Quebec and the sweet corn was flowing, too.
more jean tallon
There was one organic (biologique) stand that 6 farms provided produce to. And beyond produce, there was whole line of meat vendors including a stand with 6-8 different kinds of oysters being sold. Ben kind of fell in love with the market and imagined what it would be like to live in such a bikeable city in close proximity to the kind of market. I, sadly, had the remnants of a stomach bug that day so I had a visual and sensual experience of the day. I loved watching the mostly middle aged and older women with their wheely suitcases full of food.
This week at market: Mary Witt of the O'Tones will be making music for us with a surprise guest on the jazz guitar. You don't want to miss this duo. Here's what Mary has to say: Mary Witt and surprise guest (yes, it really is a surprise til that day, but you should come check her out, she is awesome and quite famous!) will be singing and playing a fun mix of music while you shop for food and goodies at the wonderful Tuesday Market behind Thornes by the parking lot.
Carr's Ciderhouse's Cider Vinegar and Cider Syrup have been nominated for the 2014 Martha Stewart American Made Awards -- Bottled, Jarred and Canned. Martha has good taste. You can share this news on Facebook through our page.
Another reminder that Old Friends Farm Farm-Fancy Dinner is this Sunday, September 14th. You can buy tickets at market for this ginger-themed dinner at their beautiful farm.
Apex Orchards is bringing WRSI/The River back to market for the next 6 weeks. Say hey to Joan Holliday on Tuesday.
See you at market!

New recipe: Peach Compote-- Deb Christakis, Cooking From ScratchSeptember 14th, 2015

3 large peaches, skin on, cut in medium dice  2 Tbsp Sugar or simple syrup (2 Tbsp sugar/2 Tbsp water) 2-3 tsp Lemon juice   Gently toss the diced peaches with the sugar (or simple syrup) an

New recipe: Quick Peach Slaw/Garnish-- Deb Christakis, Cooking From ScratchSeptember 14th, 2015

4 peaches, skin on, sliced ¼” thick ½ red onion, sliced thinly ½  red pepper, cored, sliced  ¼” thick  juice of 1 lime 1 large pinch each: cumin

New recipe: Peach Salsa--Deb Christakis, Cooking From ScratchSeptember 14th, 2015

4 peaches, skin on, cut in small dice  4 med tomatoes, cut in small dice ½ cup onion, fine dice 4 tsp white balsamic 2 tsp red wine vinegar ¼ cup olive oil Salt, pepper to taste 3 T


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