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Posted 6/16/2014 2:14pm by Tuesday Market.

Hey Market Friends --

STRAWBERRY! Come take home the sunshine in the berries from Red Fire Farm, Crimson and Clover Farm, Town Farm and now Bug Hill Farm. Make a strawberry rhubarb pie or strawberry lemonade or a batch of jam without pectin (my weekend experiment) or a greens salad with strawberries. There will be samples of this salad with Old Friends Farm greens and  strawberry shrub at the Bug Hill stand this week.

Dancing Bare Soap will be around. The new Edible Pioneer Valley publication will be available. And our long time market musicians, The Ephemeral String Band, will be strumming and clawhammering.

There's one more bag sewing day at 18 Chestnut Ave. in Leeds, this Wednesday 7-9pm if you want to join. Stay tuned for the great bag share launch in July. Below are some images of the bag sew earlier this month.

Sewers at work

A bag made from Fly By Night upholstery samples

See you at market!

Posted 6/8/2014 5:20pm by Tuesday Market.

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Hey Market Friends --

hosta hill goodies A few weeks ago, Maddie from Hosta Hill Provisions was in Somerville using her new delivery van to stock up a small store with her krauts and ferments of all kinds. She was just getting the boxes out of the front seat of the van when her keys slipped out of the van and down into a concrete storm drain grate and splashed into the water at the bottom. She was hours from home in the Berkshires and just about to head home and those were her only keys.

She took a deep breath and, although she was freaking out on the inside, headed into the store with her goods and calmly told the owner what had just happened outside. He was excited to get out of his office and help -- he grabbed a kind of claw tool (who has one of those hanging around?) and headed out to fish for the keys, but that tool wouldn't fit through the holes of the grate. He went back in and found a long stick and attached a magnet to the end of it. Obviously this guy really needed to get out of his office....That contraption fit through the grate but they couldn't tell if they were even getting close to the keys. Had the keys floated away in the water at the bottom? Were they even still there?

In that moment of doubt, a stranger walked by and asked them what they were doing. He wanted to give it a try. He took the stick with the magnet and reached down into the depths of the grate and on his first try pulled up the keys. Amazing. Turns out he's a musician -- gotta love those curious and sometimes idling artists -- and had just played a gig in Maddie's hometown. Now he's got a place to stay whenever he's out there.

This week at market, lots and lots of strawberries. Come eat them, come take them home to make shortcake, come take them home to make jam (it doesn't take that many to make a batch). Here's a quick recipe, in fact.

Taproot Threads will be selling their great tshirts and other clothing. A sweet banjo and guitar duo, Them Travelin Birds, will be rolling into town on their cross-country adventures. And a new Gluten Free Bakery from just over the border into NY State will be joining the market. And for those of you that tweet and follow tweets, Tuesday Market has joined many of our vendors on Twitter.

See you there!

There's still time to plant most things!

Thanks Kate Payne for showing us how to pickle turnips!

mikey sweetThanks Mikey Sweet for the great tunes!


first cherry tomatoes

Andrew from Red Fire with the first Cherry Tomatoes!



Posted 6/1/2014 8:29pm by Tuesday Market.
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Hey Market Friends --
black birch vineyard
A few weeks ago Mary from Black Birch Vineyard told me that the story of how Black Birch got started was a good one so the following week I cornered her at the end of market. She told me that she would tell me the honest truth even though it's embarrassing.
Ed, she said, had purchased a few books about starting a vineyard a few years back. He'd read them through. Ed, she inserted here, is proud of himself no matter what he does which is hard to live with some times. So after purchasing these books and deciding against the vineyard, Ed needed knee surgery. It laid him up for months -- and despite his vehement opposition to TV before surgery, he became a 24/7 watcher and got a little hooked on American Idol.
In the midst of this long recovery, Mary decided to invite Michelle and Ian (the other partners in Black Birch but just friends at the time) over to watch American Idol with them. They alternated weeks watching at each others' houses, sharing meals and having a great time. Such a good time that when the next season of American Idol rolled around in 2010, Mary tried to recreate the ritual. But Ian was done with the show and wandered off mid-episode and to peruse the bookshelves. He found Ed's 3 books about starting a vineyard and asked him what themary and michelley were all about.
I read them and thought about it, said Ed, and decided against it.
Twenty minutes later, Ian called out to Ed, Hey Ed, do you want to do this? Two and a half weeks later there were 100 grape vines in the ground and the hobby of it was born. Michelle and Mary drank white wine in the shade of a maple tree that summer watching Ian and Ed work. The next summer they bought equipment, and it became a business that pulled all of them in (in addition to the day jobs they all work).
A few weeks ago with help from many people, including Hana from Town Farm and Dalton from Mockingbird Farm, the Black Birch crew planted 3 acres (over 2000 vines) of grapes on their Southampton land. Those grapes will make 12,000 bottles of wine, Mary and Ed's daughter piped in.
This week at market:
Kate Payne, writer of The Hip Girls Guide to the Kitchen, will be demoing a quick pickle made from salad turnips and signing her book.
Mikey Sweet who recently played at The Parlor Room and the Iron Horse will be playing music.
See you there!
black birch bottles
Posted 5/25/2014 8:05pm by Tuesday Market.
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Hey Market Friends --
reusable bagsWe are so excited to launch a Bag Sharing program at the market this season. What does this mean? It means that we're hoping to phase out single use plastic handle bags at the market as many cities and towns across the country have been doing. In place of plastic bags, we plan to have reusable bags that you can borrow and then return. To launch this program, we need your help to start with at least 500 bags. Amy Stamm is hosting two bag making parties at her house next week (Monday June 2nd and Wednesday June 4th both 7-9 pm) where she's got multiple sewing machines and donated fabric. Here's a more detailed invite. Or donate reusable bags to the market. If you can't make it to market to donate them, email back to this newsletter, and we'll see if we can pick them up.
yoyo boy
Hope you caught the riveting free-style yoyo-ing at market last week. If you didn't, there's more to come in a couple weeks at Easthampton and Northampton venues. http://a-two-z.com/ZGames/
And here's the link again to join FarmFan (our new rewards program). Sorry it didn't work for many of you last week. It should work now. Or just come by the market tent to sign up.
See you at market!
more yoyo
 more yoyo
And what Kristin Nicholas from Leyden Glen made while you were wandering around market!
the other things our vendors make
Posted 5/19/2014 11:04am by Tuesday Market.
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Hey Market Friends --
We're trying something new at market this season. Our website provider has developed a rewards program for farmers markets called FarmFan. When you sign up to be a Tuesday Market FarmFan, you sign up for customer with textone weekly text message reminder. You'll receive one to two hours before the start of market. The message will let you know what's special at market that week, and sometimes let you know about specials that are just for FarmFans. Also as a FarmFan, you are able to earn points that will add up to market rewards. There are a couple of rewards listed on our FarmFan site right now, and more will be added as the season progresses. Thanks to the 25 of you that signed up last week at market!
How do you earn points? At the moment, you earn 10 points just for coming to market and checking in at the purple market tent. There will be more ways to earn points as the season progresses.
How do you sign up?
You can click on the this link to sign up. Or you can text tue459 to (506) 799-0586. Or you can come by the market tent on Tuesday and sign up.
What if I don't like getting the text?
You can easily unsubscribe at any time by texting back to any message 'unsubscribe'.
We hope you'll join us in this new adventure!
This week A to Z's Yo-Yo ers will be Yo-Yo ing at market around 3:30pm. Come check out the crazy things they can do with a double disc and a piece of string. Right after that, some members of Circus Smirkus will perform a few short circus acts. Circus Smirkus will be doing a a full-on circus performance later on in the summer so this is to give us a taste of what's to come.
See you at market!
Posted 5/12/2014 4:52am by Tuesday Market.

Hey Market Friends –

Click on the wheel to watch a great video from last week's market.

Spin AgainHere's the update on our bag share bag-making parties:

Amy Stamm who lives in Leeds has generously offered her space for bag-making. She's one of the founders of the bag share programs across the valley, so we are excited for her veteran experience, the donated fabric on hand, etc... In fact, we might even get some bags from folks out in Cummington to help us get our project up and running. And if you have canvas bags that have piled up in your house and you'd like to donate them to our bag share program, please bring them by the market tent.

So if you want to help make bags (and don't worry if you don't use a sewing machine, there are many jobs that don't include sewing) here are two dates we have planned: Monday, June 2nd and Wednesday, June 4th both 7-9 pm. Email back to this newsletter to let us know that you want to come and which day you'd like to come. Thanks in advance.

Last week, Tevis from Crabapple Farm provided content for a quick poem. I forgot to tell Ben to take his picture, so here's his daughter Anona with her precious shaved ice to represent.

Anona of Crabapple Farm

 10 Minutes

It's all about babies right now / 6 calves born to our beef herd last week

Moth mullein grew from the crack of the floor of the old dairy barn / Purple flowers and I've always liked it -- doesn't grow that many places / Watched it grow up and make seeds / Last fall and took them / They germinated well

Wildcrafted jerusalem artichokes? There was a patch on the farm when we bought it

Tomatoes ready to go in? / I wouldn't / plant tomatoes right now, but if people can't help themselves / I'll sell them / That tomato / They're all grown with seed we saved

Ground cherries can grow up here? They're always volunteers in the garden that / Ripen in August but you can put them in a container and get them started / Earlier

I'm out of top roast at the moment. Got a top round and an eye round.

That's the natural color of our sheep's wool / We send it off to Vermont to get spun.

The panoramic view of a farm in Chesterfield / the gaps between / the work of it all / Distilled into things to touch, plant, eat, imagine

All with a story

Thanks, Tevis. Thanks, everyone. That's all for now. See you at Market!
Emmett of Abundance Farm Throwing Bowls
Thanks to Emmet Leader and Abundance Farm for the awesome bowl turning demo last week! Their work party and ground breaking is this coming Saturday, May 18th. 
 The Bowls
Closeup Throwing
Sawmill Farm
Silas Sets Up Town Farm Stand

Asparagus is finally here!


Tuesday Market is located next to the parking garage in downtown Northampton. We are open from 1:30 - 6:30. We have dirt on our knees and great big smiles.

Posted 5/4/2014 7:37pm by Tuesday Market.

Hey Market Friends --

Dick and his honey

It was 3 am last Sunday night at Dick Connor's place off of South St. in Northampton. Dick heard a clattering and crashing of his bee equipment in the back yard. Stumbling out of bed, he grabbed a pot and a metal spoon and dashed out the back door clanging it loudly to the night sky. There they were: a Mama bear and 3 cubs, huddled around the empty hives and supers, digging for morsels of wax and honey. 

Dick has hives on farms all over the Valley -- Town Farm, Park Hill Orchards, Red Fire Farm and more. It's a nice symbiotic relationship for the vegetable and fruit growers and the honey guy. But he's learned his lesson after the break-ins at his own place in town over the past three years. He only keeps equipment at his house and no live hives. Still, that didn't deter the Mama and her 3 cubs last Sunday.

Dick's also used to all the news-worthy things getting in the way of his bees thriving. There are mites. There are pesticides and herbicides drifting over from neighboring farms. There are cold snaps where there's not enough nectar.  And there are BEARS -- they can smell that honey from miles away it seems. That's why you see "mini Ft. Knox's" of electric fencing strung up around brightly painted hives.

Luckily Dick's boys stayed asleep that raucous night, but the next door neighbor was roused as the Mama bear ran through her yard and set off the motion sensor light. Mama bear rose up on her back legs and fled back down into the South St. meadows, and Dick went back to sleep picturing what he'd have to build the next day to protect his equipment and his sleep. Here's a picture.

protecting the equipment


OK, that's all for now. We'll see you at Market!


patrick and his coffee contraption

Patrick's Contraption on his New, Custom, Mobile, Coffee-Making Island

Red Fire's Diversity

The Diversity of Red Fire Even in April (they even have frozen berries for smoothie season)

start planting your garden

And plants to get your garden or window boxes or fire escapes growing


Tuesday Market is located next to the parking garage in downtown Northampton. We are open from 1:30 - 6:30. We have dirt on our knees and great big smiles.

Posted 4/27/2014 8:10pm by Tuesday Market.


Pete Grilling up Big Red

So I feel a little uncomfortable starting the second newsletter of the season writing about breeding, but that was the story that Pete from Mockingbird Farm had to tell me last week. And this time of year with peepers calling for their mates all evening long and birds making nests for their eggs in nooks and crannies, it just seems fitting.

Pete had an infertile boar this spring, and he didn't know it until he knew it. His last boar, Big Red, did his job well, and the new boar, Ziggy Stardust (or was it Piggy Stardust?), seemed to all outward appearances to be doing fine, too.

It turns out that wasn't the case.

"He was shooting blanks," Pete said, clearly frustrated. "The breeding schedule for the whole season is off with 40 piglets missing from the plan."

Now Mockingbird is borrowing Pig Floyd from Simple Gifts in Amherst. I guess you can tell something about the musical tastes of these pig farmers from what they name their swine. Pete says Pig Floyd has got the look of a good boar -- before he even got off the ramp of the truck he was mounting the sows. He's got a great masculine body shape, Pete said, and then Pete and Dalton kind of laughed at themselves for how they assess the value of the pigs by their body shapes (I won't go into the details). The breeding pigs at Mockingbird are Berkshire and Tamworth sows and some Berkshire Large Black crosses. I'll never look at pigs the same way again!

Nice new signs, too, Pete. He said he pulled some late nights in the last week making them all. And while I was standing there, a customer walked up with her empty plate to tell Pete the Sweet Italian sausage was delicious. I can vouch for the Spicy Chorizo myself.

Pete from Mockingbird

Here's a big thanks to everyone for showing up last week for the opening market! Tell your friends that the season has started. Tell strangers on the street, too, if you're inspired.

Little did we know - when we brought our new carnival spinning wheel to market last Tuesday - how quickly we'd be confronted by some basic questions about the nature of probability. For instance, how likely is it that the first three out of five spinners would win a gift certificate to Old Friends Farm? How likely is it that none of the dozens of spinners last Tuesday would win maple candies from Justamere Tree Farm? We would welcome any mathematicians to weigh in on these concerns. For now, however, we are happy to report that many prizes were given away, much food was brought home, and that at least a couple compliments were given to complete strangers. Tuesday Market endorses all of these activities! So come down this week, make a donation to FoodStampsX2, and give our wheel a spin!


Family with Honey Sticks

Family With Honey Sticks


Mayor Narkewicz wanted to introduce Lieutenant Governor Kerrigan to some of the nicest folks in Northampton, so he brought him to Tuesday Market!


Tuesday Market is located next to the parking garage in downtown Northampton. We are open from 1:30 - 6:30. We have dirt on our knees and great big smiles.

Posted 4/22/2014 9:22am by Tuesday Market.

OwlHey Tuesday Market Friends –

What a great response we got to our plans to reduce waste at market by starting a bag-share program. Thanks to all of you who volunteered to host a bag-making party. We'll get back to you shortly, and soon we'll announce dates for a couple parties in May. Anyone who's interested in participating can sign up at the market tent or email us here.

We're so excited to see all of you tomorrow! It's been a long winter, hasn't it? For years now we've been talking about making a carnival spinning wheel loaded with prizes from all our Tuesday Market vendors. All winter I was supposed to build the thing. Then it was mid-April, and still no spinning wheel. But the sun came out, the snow melted, and the kids were ready to be out on the driveway using hand-saws to cut pallets in half. I seized the opportunity to get to work, and as long as I can manage to pick the dang thing up, you'll see it at market tomorrow. Give it a spin for a chance to win a free truffle from Sangha Farm (for example), a free shaved ice from Town Farm (for example), and discounts on products from many other market vendors. (Every spin requires a donation of any amount to Tuesday Market's FoodStampsX2 program.)

spinning wheel


We are thrilled to let you know about some new vendors at the market this season. Northampton's own Tart Bakery will be selling bread and other baked goods. Beets and Barley  is a great new vegetarian catering company in town. Goldthread Apothecary is back after a year's hiatus. And Red Fire Farm – the amazing certified organic farm based in Montague and Granby that grows almost everything you can grow around here – will be coming to market every week this season. Not all of these new vendors will be at market tomorrow, but keep your eye out for them over the next few weeks. 

As always, if you need to know whether a particular vendor or product will be at market on a particular day, shoot me a text or give a call – I'll be happy to answer any questions. 413 262 5489.

Well, that's all until tomorrow. See you at market!


Tuesday Market is located next to the parking garage in downtown Northampton. We are open from 1:30 - 6:30. We have dirt on our knees and great big smiles.


Posted 4/15/2014 8:40pm by Tuesday Market.



Hello Friends –

All winter we watched the snow accumulate upon our wonderful market plaza, and all spring we've been wondering whether the pile would actually melt in time for our first market. It's not that we don't love snow, of course, but the layer of concentrated grime visible yesterday on the top of the knee-high pile hardly felt like a new beginning. Well I'm happy to report that today's rain finally took care of it, and a week from today – on Tuesday, April 22nd – our new season starts! Your favorite vendors (plus a few new ones). Your favorite musicians (plus a few new ones). All of us thrilled to see you so soon!

This winter I had the pleasure of working with Nicole DeBarber of the Beehive Design Collective up in Maine. When Nicole took on the project of illustrating this year's market poster, we started with the idea of a great horned owl in flight, with scenes from our market tucked into the spread of the wings. I described Tuesday Market to her. I sent pictures of the Holyoke Range and downtown Northampton. And through draft after draft the poster took shape, until finally it felt as if we had this year's market – in all of its wildness and weirdness and poise – set down on paper, an early version of all the goodness that's to come.  So here's a huge thanks to Nicole for her artistry. You can click on the image above to see the poster closer up. And bring your kids to opening day, where they'll get a chance to color one of the posters themselves to hang on your fridge.

This season we are committing to producing less waste at Tuesday Market! I'll tell you about our new recycling and compost trailer in next week's newsletter. Right now I have a question. Who among you loyal Tuesday Marketers would like to get together for a bag-making party for our new bag-share program? And who among you might like to host such a party? (Anyone who hosts gets a 10% discount at the market all season long!). What better way to start off the season than by helping to eliminate the need for plastic shopping bags at market? Please let us know if you're interested.

That's all for now. Make sure to remind all your friends that market starts next Tuesday. We can't wait to see you there!


 melting pile


Tuesday Market and Grow Food NorthamptonAugust 17th, 2014

Hey Market Friends -- I want to tip a hat this week to Grow Food Northampton and the Northampton Community Farm and all of you that continue to help make those projects possible. As I look around the

One Other Thing That I Do Not Care To Eat at Town FarmAugust 11th, 2014

Hi Everyone – Silas is writing this week's newsletter. Here goes: I, Silas, son of Ben, and my little brother Wiley, will be selling vegetables (me) and flowers (Wiley) from 2:30 - 4:00 at Tues

News of the Colrain Woods and Tina and Her Pony at Tuesday MarketAugust 11th, 2014

  Hey Market Friends -- If you've never talked to Paul Lagreze from NE Wild Edibles, you're in for a treat. I can never predict what he's going to talk to me about when we get chatting but it's

Spin Again! May 9 at Tuesday Market (click to watch the video)

Spin Again

Mailing list sign-up


Reisling and Chardonel from Black Birch Vineyard

Goat Cheese Truffles from Sangha Farm

Prepared Food from Chanterelle To Go and Beets and Barley

Tulsi Teas from Goldthread Organic Herb Farm & Apothecary

This spring's Maple Syrup from Justamere Tree Farm

Shaved Ice and Ice Pops from Town Farm

Home-made Jam from Beaumont's Berries

Bedding Plants from Bear Root Herb Farm

Artisinal Cow Cheese from Cricket Creek Farm

Pasture-Raised Poultry from Mockingbird Farm

Honey from Red Barn Honey

Tempeh & Kim-chi from Hosta Hill

Wild Mushrooms from New England Wild Edibles

Black Currant Cordial from Bug Hill Farm

Hard Cider from Carr's Ciderhouse

Organic Ginger & Flowers from Old Friends Farm

Pastured Lamb from Leyden Glen Farm

Whole-Grain Bread from El Jardin Bakery

And the freshest vegetables available anywhere from Red Fire Farm, Crabapple Farm, Crimson and Clover Farm, Old Friends Farm, & Town Farm



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