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Posted 3/25/2016 9:21am by Grow Food Northampton.
Hey Tuesday Market Friends --
We're coming up on the start of market season! First market this year is Tuesday, April 26th, and we can't wait to see all of you there.
In the meantime, we have our fingers crossed that this season we will be able to match SNAP transactions at the $10 match for the whole season at Tuesday Market. CISA, our incredible local food and farming organization, has stepped up in a BIG way. Last year, Healthy Hampshire, CISA and four farmers markets in Northampton and Amherst together created SNAP&Save, where SNAP transactions were matched at $5 for the whole season at those four markets. Simultaneously, CISA launched a similar program in Hampden County. This season, CISA took on almost all of the fundraising and expanded SNAP&Save to Franklin County as well. We, at Tuesday Market, have so much gratitude for their leadership in this project (and ongoing leadership from Healthy Hampshire, as well). What started as FoodStampsX2 at Tuesday Market in 2010 has blossomed into SNAP&Save at all the markets that want to participate in the 3 counties in our region. The campaign ends April 1st. Please contribute if you can!
Looking forward to food and plants at the start of the season!
Posted 2/24/2016 1:05pm by Grow Food Northampton.

tuesday market banner

Hey Tuesday Market Friends --

Tuesday Market is rising again! The seed of the market is just getting planted in potting soil and will be ready for you on Tuesday, April 26th. There will be old vendors, new vendors, and all kinds of other good things to look forward to. But before that.....

Come to another Seed Swap or come to your first one! Tuesday Market and Grow Food Northampton are again hosting a Seed Swap on Saturday, March 5th, 10am - 1 pm in the same place at the Northampton Winter Market, Smith Voke High School, Northampton. You're invited!

What do you do at a Seed Swap? LEARN about seed saving. CELEBRATE the magic of seeds. SHARE seeds that you've saved from you farm or garden (or seeds that you've purchased). TAKE HOME seeds to plant. MEET other people who see regionally adapted seeds as an important part of a healthy food system and climate adaptation. COME even if you don't have seeds to share! There will be some great workshops to take part in. See the link below for more details.
Go to http://www.northamptontuesdaymarket.com/seed-swap-2016 for more info and to register.

Here's some great writing about what's in a seed swap and what's in a seed by Akwesasne Mohawk seed keeper and teacher, Rowen White.

Here are some images from last year's swap. Hope to see you there!

crabapple seeds

 Beans bred and saved at Crabapple Farm

seed swap crowd

 The crowd swapping seeds

seeds into a packet

workshop with Tevis

Tevis teaching about on-farm or in-garden breeding of new varieties

our boys guessing seeds

 My kids guessing the seeds in the seed guessing game

Posted 6/22/2015 8:09pm by Grow Food Northampton.

bannerHello Friends,

I believe this is our fourth summer in a row of catching Tina & Her Pony on their New England tour. We are thrilled to have them back! Come on down and join us for some summer music and some fantastic summer food. See you at market!

Tina & Her Pony

Tina & her Pony

mushroomPaul's Awesome Mushroom

Mrs. AndersonMrs. Anderson's Garlic

Share coffeeShare Coffee

CrabappleCrabapple Farm


Tuesday Market is open every Tuesday 1:30 - 6:30

Next to the parking garage in downtown Northampton


Posted 6/16/2015 8:33am by Grow Food Northampton.


Hello Friends,

My apologies. It is only one of our many vendors who will be done with strawberries this week. Crimson and Clover, Red Fire Farm, and others will have berries today and into the future, along with -- of course -- all the fantabulous summer greens and fruits that are coming into season. We can't wait to see you at market!

cromson & cloverJen from Crimson & Clover farm




Posted 6/16/2015 8:09am by Grow Food Northampton.
Hi Friends – It's our last week of strawberries. Come on over to Tuesday Market and stock up on the best berries you can find anywhere. Hope to see you there!
Posted 6/9/2015 7:57am by Grow Food Northampton.

Hello Everyone!

Market is in full swing: the tables laden with strawberries, mounded with every type of salad green. I even saw the season's first tomatoes and basil at Red Fire Farm! And I know you know this, but market is open rain or shine. See you there!

Sweet Birch
Hannah from Sweet Birch Herbals
Paul from New England Wild Edibles
Red Fire
A full spread at Red Fire Farm
Town Farm
Shaved Ice from Town Farm



Tuesday Market is open every Tuesday 1:30 - 6:30

Next to the parking garage in downtown Northampton



Posted 6/1/2015 6:41pm by Grow Food Northampton.

Tuesday Market

Hello Friends,

Last week my son and I got to roam the countryside of southern France, which of course included visiting every single market we possibly could. It was such a thrill to experience markets so fully embedded in the life of their region. It was a step into another world, and at the same time it was not too different from home, from our own dear Tuesday Market, brimming with the particular bounty of our own, as they say, terroir. And now I am so glad to be back as strawberry season gets fully underway (we could not under any circumstances miss strawberry season). There is really nothing as good as a pint of strawberries picked in the hours and days before arriving at market.

Here are some pictures from the Thursday morning market in Villefranche, and some pictures of Tuesday Market in May.
villefrance market
A spice vendor at the Villefranche market
villefrance market
The market square
villefrance market
Les oeufs: plein-air
Tuesday Market
Lilacs from Old Friends Farm
Tuesday Market
Peanut Noodles from Beets and Barley
Tuesday Market
Asparagus from Old Friends Farm
Tuesday Market
Heirloom beans from Crabapple Farm
Tuesday Market
A chocolate cookie and a shaved ice!
See you at market!
Posted 5/10/2015 2:19pm by Grow Food Northampton.
Hello Friends,
Can't wait to see you at Tuesday Market this week!
Happy Gardeners!
shave ice line
Shaved Ice Line!
bare roots farm
Welcome to Bare Root Farm!
chalk circle
Tuesday Market is open every Tuesday, 1:30 - 6:30
We are located next to the parking garage in downtown Northampton
Posted 5/3/2015 2:52pm by Grow Food Northampton.

Hello Friends,

Sometimes the most special people come to market. And sometimes, when we're especially lucky, we get those amazing people in multiple forms, like last week when Francis Crowe stopped by to chat with the all the people who were staring at Denise Beaudet's glorious portrait of, yes, Frances Crowe.

Here's what our world-renowned advocate for peace and justice had to say to Oona upon her arrival at market: "I'm so glad the greens are back. All I've been eating is sauerkraut." For more info on the Roots to Resistance postcards that you can send to the U.N. in honor of Frances' lifelong work, click here.


O.K. Can't wait to see you Tuesday! And here are a few more photos from opening day, including some of our newest vendors:

cheeseNew cheese vendors Max & Amy from Grace Hill Farm

WingateEggs, flowers, and greens grown by Olivia at Wingate Farm


Rhubarb tarts, chocolates, and other delicacies from Sweet Spoken, brought to market on their awesome bike rig!

laughing tomato

 Armando, Sue, and their dear crew at Laughing Tomato Pizza!



Tuesday Market is open every Tuesday 1:30 - 6:30

Next to the parking garage in downtown Northampton


Posted 4/26/2015 4:36pm by Grow Food Northampton.

bannerHello Friends,

Have you noticed, amidst the cacophonous noise of the spring peepers, that high trill: the mating call of Anaxyrus americanus? In marshes and field edges across the Pioneer Valley, the American toad is singing this song, the females laying their eggs in ponds and pools. And unlike frogs (whose eggs are clumped together in sacks), the eggs of the American toad are strung together in long ribbons of jelly, wrapped around twigs and reeds and rocks so they can't be easily washed away.

This year more than ever I've noticed how the mating call of the American toad erupts during the very same weeks all of our markets are starting up. The Greenfield Farmers Market, the Amherst Farmers Market, The Farmers Market at Forest Park, the Springfield Cooperative Farmers Market, the Northampton Farmers Market, Tuesday Market, and numerous others in our cities and towns.

Picture these markets, if you will, like a string of toad eggs stretched across the valley, threaded through its various habitats and municipalities. Consider the life of this place, the fertility of our soils, the determination of our farmers and food-makers, and how all of that fecundity is displayed and dispersed from the makeshift space of these markets. How precarious it is, how temporary, how abundant.

Tuesday Market opens this week, our numerous stands full of food and the people who made it. And we cannot wait to see you there.


Did you know Tuesday Market was voted Best of the Valley 2015?
Remember this great video from a couple years ago?
Thanks again to all of you for making this great market possible!
Tuesday Market is open every Tuesday, 1:30 - 6:30
We are located next to the parking garage in downtown Northampton

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