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Posted 8/17/2014 7:45pm by Tuesday Market.
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Hey Market Friends --
I want to tip a hat this week to Grow Food Northampton and the Northampton Community Farm and all of you that continue to help make those projects possible. As I look around the market, three of the four farmers that lease land from GFN are selling their beautiful and delicious food here and making Tuesday Market more dynamic and bountiful and rooted locally.
jen with cabbage
Back in June, I talked to each of them about what stood out to them about their relationship with Grow Food Northampton and the Northampton Community Farm in Florence. 
For Jen at Crimson and Clover Farm, the super rich interaction of people and the land that she gets to see all the time at her farm is just what she dreamed of. She and Nate looked for land for so long and the land that they could afford wouldn't have necessarily been in the place that they would have made their community. "I can't believe that I'm allowed to farm in Northampton," she told me.
mockingbird farm
For Pete at Mockingbird, it was hard to find enough grazing land near his land in Easthampton, so having his cows in the Northampton Community Farm has allowed him to have 21 animals instead of the 8 (tops) he can have at his own place. On top on that, he likes having his manure help out the other farms, "turning their cover crops into something even better." And baseline, Pete says, "It's fun for me to have people tell me how much they like having cows around." And by the way, that's not Pete in the picture, but it's a nice view of his stand and of Dalton, who was helping him out this spring.
For Sawmill Farm, who are renting 2.5 acres at the Northampton Community Farm this year, renting there made it so they didn't have to look for land. Instead of spending
susan from sawmill
time on that often grueling search, they can instead focus on getting better at growing their salad mix and herbs and getting better at running a business. In addition, they're able to rent Crimson and Clover's tractor on the weekends and Mockingbird Farm's cows were grazing last year on the land they're growing on this year. Susan, one of the two growers at Sawmill, said that they would be more isolated if they had gotten land somewhere else. She sees all the other farmers driving by all the time. Sawmill is right next to the community gardens, too, so gardeners come over and ask for advice all the time, which she's come to really appreciate. 
So many of the things that make it hard for new and young farmers to start their businesses or grow their businesses are being supported by the work of Grow Food Northampton. They are modelling ways that farmers can share equipment, rotate crops with crops or livestock that they don't raise (but other farmers do), and protect and utilize farmland in more densely populated areas.
This week Tina and Her Pony will be back at market and Renta Family Farm from Nuestras Raices will be back with their special Puerto Rican peppers called Aji Dulce and possibly recipes for Sofrito. Here's an online recipe for now (not sure anyone at market is selling culantro!).
See you there!

Posted 8/11/2014 7:36pm by Tuesday Market.

Hi Everyone –

Silas is writing this week's newsletter. Here goes:

silas in tomatoes

I, Silas, son of Ben, and my little brother Wiley, will be selling vegetables (me) and flowers (Wiley) from 2:30 - 4:00 at Tuesday Market. You'll be able to recognize us. We're only kids. I will have extremely delicious and healthy cherry tomatoes – and carrots – and onions – plus one other thing that I do not care to eat one bit but you might like very much (hint - it's green).

40% of all sales will be donated to stop climate change by planting trees.

Plus, Wiley will have beautiful flowers that only cost 50 cents (but he likes tips).

Also, I will have pumpkins for sale in September and October. Buy them at market, or get them delivered by bike! I will have these varieties:

Cinderella (delicious)
Long Island Cheese
Jack Straw
Baby Pam
Musque du Provence
White Pumpkins
Blue Pumpkins (delicious)

You can sign up now if you want a pumpkin delivery. I'll let you know when they're available. Deliveries to Northampton are $1.00 and to Florence are $1.50.

Wiley and trailerWiley at Market


 Hey, Tuesday Market is 1:30 - 6:30 every Tuesday, and Town Farm is always there.


Posted 8/11/2014 10:20am by Tuesday Market.
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Hey Market Friends --
Paul with a shroomIf you've never talked to Paul Lagreze from NE Wild Edibles, you're in for a treat. I can never predict what he's going to talk to me about when we get chatting but it's always interesting. This week, he started talking about the woods in Colrain, his big backyard that he wanders through using mostly the sun as his guide. Pretty much all the other signs don't work so well -- lichen and moss can grow all around a tree not just on the north side, he told me. So last week on his wanders which he always wishes he had more time for, up in a beautiful spot where you can see the mountains 360 degrees around, Paul found some bear scat. And then he found some more and some more. It was like Goldilocks, there was the mama bear scat, the middle sized bear scat and the baby bear scat, he said. Paul realized that this beautiful place was the bears' bathroom. Now I know that a farmers market full of food we eat doesn't necessarily match up with bear poop in the woods in our minds or our senses, but Paul, like all good farmers and foragers, is a deep observer of the natural world. And when we as farmers stumble upon something amazing, we want to share that with you all.
In other news, last week we had a farmer at market who is a great-grandparent (Mizzanye's Produce) and another that's a great-great grandparent (Juan Renta from Renta Family Farm). That is amazing to me. Below are Juan's daughters selling his produce that he grows at the Nuestras Raices Farm in Holyoke.
renta family farmThis week the summer bounty is flowing in. It's been a cool late July and early August, but even so, things are ripening and sweetening up. It's so easy to cook a whole meal with market ingredients right now. Send us a photo if you make a good one. We had broiled pollock from BerkShore, delicious red gold potatoes from Crimson and Clover and a salad with Town Farm lettuce, cherry tomatoes and a tomato/thai basil salad dressing for dinner last night. For the dressing I only had thai basil so I substituted it and did less than a cup and only did 1/2 cup of olive oil -- 1 cup seemed like too much!
Tiny and Her Pony, a favorite band of ours from Taos, NM and now Asheville, NC with family roots in our valley will be at market this week and next week.
And Red Fire Farm is gearing up for their Tomato Festival on Saturday, August 23rd. Run in their 5K Tomato Trot (you need to register for it on the link above), taste a huge range of tomatoes, and listen to some of Tuesday Market's favorite musicians.
See you at market!
the rambling kindThanks to The Rambling Kind for great tunes last week
watermelon helmetWatermelon hat!
eggplant and tomato danceTown Farm eggplants with arms and noses
eatin peachesFamily peach eating
Posted 8/3/2014 4:28pm by Tuesday Market.
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Hey Market Friends --
Two weeks ago Devon from Beaumont's Berries rolled into market a little late and apologized to me for being late. Some of you might know Devon from the other hats she wears around this Valley. She's the Local Hero member coordinator for CISA and the Market Manager for the summer and winter farmers markets in Greenfield, along with making the most delicious low-sugar, honey sweetened and sugar-free jam around (my fave is the nectarine blue). All of that to say, she's a little busy in the summertime. So busy a couple weeks ago that starting at 8 pm until 2:30 am Monday night, Devon was out picking berries at her home place by headlamp. Then she made jam from 2:30 - 7 am. And then she went back out and picked more berries before coming to market. She wasn't at market last week because the berries needed to be picked again, but she'll be there this week. With that kind of devotion to picking when the berries are ready, you know that jam is going to be good. Another fact I learned from Devon earlier this
summer is that she's second to the youngest of 13 kids and all the girls' names start with D.
I'm happy to say that Apex Orchards is arriving this week for the rest of the market season. I know there will peaches and maybe plums and apricots, too.
Beets and Barley will also be back this week for good on-site eating.
And The Rambling Kind will be playing their full-on bluegrass tunes this week. The two following weeks, we'll welcome back Tiny and Her Pony, a great acoustic duo currently from Asheville, NC.
See you at market!
the rambling kind
hosta hill
trailer gathering
Posted 7/28/2014 2:07pm by Tuesday Market.
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Hey Market Friends --
Thanks to all of you that came and admired the stage last week -- as Mark Lattanzi from WRSI said, "It's the Swiss army knife of stages."
stpehen on stage
We were lucky to have Stephen Katzand his cello inagurating it.
bagshare womenAnd the BagShare women sewers and organizers on hand delivering even more bags. We have over a thousand now! So if you forget your bag, visit the back of the stage to find one. There are smaller bags to use for produce items and bigger shopping bags. When you bring a clean bag back, there's a spot to return them to as well.
aeiou ukes
We also had a little bit of a surprise visit from the AEIO Ukes, our local ukulele group. Thanks to Joseph Blumenthal at Downtown Sounds for making that happen.
melons at red fire
This week, the fruits of our labors are pouring into market. For all of you peach lovers, next week, the first week in August, Apex Orchards will be back and will stay for the rest of the season. For now we have currants, gooseberries, blueberries, raspberries and the first melons and watermelons of the season.
currants and gooseberries
Also this week, Art and Soul, a local, collaborative arts project will be setting up at the market and asking you to contribute to their community-wide gathering of people's stories about Forgiveness. They may also bring their Story Suitcase. 
See you at market!
old friends flower
Posted 7/21/2014 5:10am by Tuesday Market.
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Hey Market Friends --
The day is here! We're bringing our stage and recycling/compost trailer to market this week. It's got a bulletin board for events and ideas, too. So bring your fliers and your tacks to add to it. The BagShare Project at Tuesday Market will also be launching which will coincide with our vendors phasing out the use of plastic handle bags. If you forget a bag, you can now borrow one and then bring it back (clean!) to the market the next time you come. We'd still love donations of bags if you have some extras hanging around. You can bring those any time to the purple market tent.
And did you hear Oona on the radio last week? Here's the well-crafted piece about farmers markets in our region on NEPR by Nancy Cohen. WGBY also screened a new documentary about farming in this region a couple of weeks ago called A Long Row in Fertile Ground.
Stephen Katz will be at market this week performing his amazing cello music as the inaugural act on the new stage.
See you at market!
bug hill goodies
 Bug Hill Farm will be back at market this week with raspberries and more
Posted 7/13/2014 2:58pm by Tuesday Market.


Hi Friends –Rachel

Last week – fresh on the heels of our announcement that funds are running low for the FoodStampsX2 program – Tuesday Market received a wonderful surprise.

You might already know the name Rachel Levitt, the girl who, as an eleven-year-old, ate lunch with Barack & Michelle Obama after her recipe for an olive tapenade and goat cheese sandwich won her a visit to the White House. You might also remember her as an illustrious judge at the Tuesday Market pie contest a couple summers ago. Well, here's a simple fact: Rachel Levitt cannot be stopped, and her latest foray into the world of food & nutrition might be her most impressive yet!

At her Bat Mitzvah back in June, Rachel spoke to her guests about the joy of eating good food and the importance of making such food accessible to people of all incomes. And last week Rachel arrived at market with an envelope containing over $1,000 in donations to Tuesday Market's FoodStampsX2 program!

Needless to say, we were overjoyed by the donations. Even more, however, I felt blessed to be able to witness Rachel at this moment of her coming-of-age, to see her happiness, her grace, her thoughtfulness, her ambition, and her ease of being in the world. We wish great things for Rachel, and we are so pleased to get to be in her presence as she grows up.

And Rachel's not the only kid we feel that way about. One of the total joys of running Tuesday Market is to see so many of your kids growing up from month to month and year to year (I usually see them on the other side of the shaved-ice machine, waiting for their treat with eagerness and anticipation and joy). So, thanks for bringing them along!

youssouThis week Youssou Sidibe joins us at market to play his traditional African kora. He is an extraordinary musician who has traveled the world, touring with Charles Neville and other stellar musicians. Don't miss him.

And NEXT week, for the launch of our new recycling trailer/musical stage/bagshare program, we are excited to welcome Stephen Katz and his cello to market. More about that in next week's newsletter.

See you at market!


P.S. If you feel inspired by Rachel's efforts and would like to help make good, local food accessible to everyone, you can find more info about FoodStampsX2 here. Or just come by market and talk to Oona or Nikki (under the purple awning) anytime.


Here's Wes from Berkshore with a live scallop!




Posted 7/6/2014 3:06pm by Tuesday Market.

Hey, some new things are afoot at Tuesday Market!bagshare

First of all, we're thrilled to announce the launch of our new bagshare program, which will make reusable cloth handled shopping bags available to anyone who's forgotten to bring their own to market. Through this program we intend to phase out all use of plastic handled shopping bags at Tuesday Market.

The making of these bags (nearly 1000!) was a mighty undertaking, accomplished entirely by volunteers at The Bagshare Project. I am in awe of their organization and their collective abilities. There's no way to thank them enough for the effort and goodwill they've put into this project (although one way to honor their effort will be to both use the bags and return them for a future customer to enjoy.)

So in two weeks, on July 22nd, make sure to bring your reusable bags like you always do, right? BUT, if you forget, there'll be several hundred glorious, newly sewn bags for you to choose from.

Which brings me to the second announcement. The bags will be housed and distributed from our new Tuesday Market recycling trailer, which is also a mobile stage, and also a work of art in its own right. It'll be launched along with the bagshare on July 22nd, but here's a glimpse of the trailer most of the way to completion, shown with its builder, Stephen Yoshen. More praise and more info to come! 


Finally, one announcement that we are not so pleased to make is that funds are running a bit low for our much-loved, much-used, much-needed FoodStampsX2 program. For this reason, we will be reducing the amount that we double from $10 per customer per week to $5 per customer per week. This won't at all affect our ability to serve SNAP recipients at market. It only affects the amount that Tuesday Market is able to supplement those benefits. Still, since every dollar makes a difference when trying to keep healthy, delicious food on the table (and dedicated, small farmers employed) we encourage you to donate now to this great program. Here's more info on the program and how to donate. We are also working with some other markets to create a regional program. If you're interested in getting involved in that effort, let us know.

That's all for now. Hope to see you at market!

el jardinEnjoying a loaf from El Jardin!

cherry tomatoesCherry tomatoes from Old Friends Farm

Bug Hill

Syrups & Shrubs from Bug Hill Farm

Awesome Matt Lorenz/Suitcase Junket will be playing this week!

Posted 6/30/2014 5:31am by Tuesday Market.

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Hey Market Friends --

Exciting happenings at market this week along with strawberries, tomatoes, sugarsnap peas, and other awesome foods.

This year at market, we are working to connect with more local artists especially artists that create works around food or food justice or climate change. Kelly Silliman/the tinydance project along with Liv Fauver are the first of those artists and will be doing three short performances of "veins in the stones we carry" at 3, 4, and 5 pm this Tuesday at market on their mobile, bicycle-transported stage. Read more here about their project.

If you haven't discovered them yet on your own, Mi Tierra corn tortillas, made with GMO free Hadley corn, are at market being sold at the Old Friends Farm stand. You may remember that Mi Tierra restaurant, formerly in Hadley, burned down last fall. They are working towards reopening the restaurant but for now you can eat their delicious tortillas and help support the rising of the new restaurant out of the ashes.

Big thanks to Mary Reilly of Edible Pioneer Valley and her Bluefish cutting and cooking demo last week. This week we welcome back Beaumont's Berries, the best jams around.

See you at market!

Mary Reilly from Edible Pioneer Valley cutting and cooking up a Bluefish from BerkShore




Posted 6/23/2014 5:12am by Tuesday Market.

owl bannerHey Market Friends --

I just spent the weekend at my 97 year old great-aunt's farm north of Baltimore, MD and was reminded of the power of land and farming across generations. I walked under huge linden, black walnut and beech trees that my great-uncle planted. I looked out at the corn, wheat, just harvested clover and hay fields full of round bales that my dad's cousin Jonathon grows. I admired the stone farm buildings from the 1830's and the perfectly pruned grape vines growing grapes for thousands of bottles of wine at their vineyard, Boordy Vineyards (if you're ever in Maryland, you should go by for wine tasting and music!). I heard my dad's other cousin Rob toast his new daughter-in-law for marrying his son despite the fact that he has the curse of loving land. He also reminded us all how the farm is the spiritual center of our family, a place we return to. Although I'm not in the immediate family and it had been about 10 years since I'd been there, I felt that connection again -- to my cousins, to my long gone great-uncle, to the land, to the war years when my grandmother joined her sister on the farm, to the summers my dad worked on the farm as a teenager, to my own learning to drive a car on the hay fields and finding rows of corn to run down. We are all not many generations removed from a family farm. Where is or was yours? Have you been back recently?

red fire's summer spreadMany summer vegetables have arrived -- peas, summer squash, cucumbers, tomatoes and others that you might not have tried yet -- kohlrabi and dandelion greens. So many possibilities. Want to make someone in your life feel awesome (or yourself for that matter)? Get some flowers from Old Friends Farm -- they will last all week or longer. They even have salad mix with flowers in it, too.

old friends farm flowers

And this week: Mary Reilly, publisher of Edible Pioneer Valley, is working with BerkShore Native Seafood to offer fish butchery and cooking demonstrations at the market. Join us this Tuesday as Mary takes us through the technique of breaking down a whole fish. She will also offer some cooking tips and techniques for getting the most out of the fish BerkShore sells. Mary will be doing three demos, at 2:45, 3:30 and 5:00, and will be available in between sessions to answer your questions about what to cook for dinner! If you haven't gotten a copy of the new Edible Pioneer Valley publication in your hands, find one. Stories include a short piece about the origins and vision of Tuesday Market.


We will also have Christa Joy returning to play music. And The Gluten Free Bakery will be back.

See you there!

gluten free bakery


christa joy's accompaniment last year

Christa Joy's accompaniment last year



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Reisling and Chardonel from Black Birch Vineyard

Goat Cheese Truffles from Sangha Farm

Prepared Food from Chanterelle To Go and Beets and Barley

Tulsi Teas from Goldthread Organic Herb Farm & Apothecary

This spring's Maple Syrup from Justamere Tree Farm

Shaved Ice and Ice Pops from Town Farm

Home-made Jam from Beaumont's Berries

Bedding Plants from Bear Root Herb Farm

Artisinal Cow Cheese from Cricket Creek Farm

Pasture-Raised Poultry from Mockingbird Farm

Honey from Red Barn Honey

Tempeh & Kim-chi from Hosta Hill

Wild Mushrooms from New England Wild Edibles

Black Currant Cordial from Bug Hill Farm

Hard Cider from Carr's Ciderhouse

Organic Ginger & Flowers from Old Friends Farm

Pastured Lamb from Leyden Glen Farm

Whole-Grain Bread from El Jardin Bakery

And the freshest vegetables available anywhere from Red Fire Farm, Crabapple Farm, Crimson and Clover Farm, Old Friends Farm, & Town Farm



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